About Steve

Steve Flanigan I have always had a strong passion for technology. This passion has over two decades in the making, and grows each and every day. I strive to keep current on the latest technical advancements as well as actively keeping my current skill sets up to date.

I currently live in Pensacola Florida but was raised in a Military, (Army) family. I have been fortunate to live throughout many parts of the world and feel that this was beneficial as it gave me the opportunity to learn about other cultures and ways of life different than my own.

Growing up in a military environment also taught me a sense of responsibility both in my personal time and time committed to others.  I best demonstrate this in my work ethics and habits.  I am not afraid of responsibility and am not afraid of taking responsibility for the work I do.  If I make a mistake I'll openly admit it, learn from it and immediately do what it takes to remedy the mistake.  I also believe in teamwork though I do feel at times not all projects are best completed as a team.  What I mean by this is that teamwork has its place in I.T., but some tasks are better left to a team of one for successful completion.

Let's talk hobbies outside of technology, even though I do consider technology a hobby as well as a profession.

Some of my other pastimes hobbies include yard work and home projects. I also enjoy shooting and am seriously considering competative shooting as a full time hobby. My latest endevour is Ham Radio. I currently hold a Technician license with the FCC and am shooting for my General as well as my Extra class licenses. Though I do not actively pursue these, some of my past hobbies include In the past, some of my other regular activities have included flying, scuba diving, camping, hiking and boating.