Steve Flanigan Though this photograph is a few years old, this image itself tell you a little about who I am. I have always been a bit of an "Adrenaline Junkie," I do have my common sense limits, or should I hope.

Currently residing in Pensacola Florida, I am a military brat, (U.S. Army.) Being fortunate to live throughout many parts of the world, I feel benefited as it gave me the opportunity to learn about other cultures and ways of life different than my own. I got to meet many people world-wide and was able to learn how they see the world from their point-of-view.

I am also possess Conservative beliefs, along with that comes a set of standards and morals that in today's world may seem to be "outdated"; but that is of no concern to me. I feel that a person's only true possession in life is their set of values, and if they sell them out, they have nothing left.

Let's talk hobbies outside of technology, even though I do consider technology a hobby as well as a profession.

Some of my other pastimes hobbies include yard work and home projects. I also enjoy shooting and am seriously considering competative shooting as a full time hobby. My latest endevour is Ham Radio. I currently hold a Technician license with the FCC and am shooting for my General as well as my Extra class licenses. Though I do not actively pursue these, some of my past hobbies include In the past, some of my other regular activities have included flying, scuba diving, camping, hiking and boating.